No. The Parents and Families Advocacy Service (PFAS) DOES NOT have any direct influence or power over decisions made by the Courts or, the Child Safety Services. Our role is to empower you with the skills and acknowledge enabling you to advocate more effectively for your family and for yourself.

Yes. PFAS will attend and support you with all your meetings with the Child Safety Service if requested.

PFAS will support you at Court proceedings and Family Group Conferences from a neutral stance when requested.

Yes. PFAS staff and Volunteers comes to this role equipped with a wide range of life skills and sometimes lived experiences within the Child Safety system. Red Cross also ensures all Peer Advocates receive appropriate training, mentoring and supervision before working with families.

Yes. While we have no power over decisions made by the Child Safety Service when allocating Safety Officers, we are able to assist you in trying to improving your relationship with your Safety Officer. If however, there’s a complete breakdown in the relationship between you and your Safety Officer, PFAS will support you advocating to change.