The Parents and Family Advocacy Service is a group of skilled Program Coordinators and Peer Advocates who will guide and assist you to advocate more effectively for your family.

Program Coordinators will assist you in developing a better awareness of Child Safety Service processes and, how to work with them to develop a safe pathway to re-unification strategy for your family.

Program Coordinators bring to their role, a wide variety of skills, knowledge and experiences which will help support the needs of parents and families when dealing with Child Safety Services. All Peer Advocates are screened and undergo specific training when joining the services.

Program Coordinators are required to hold a current Working with Vulnerable Person accreditation and, successfully complete a National Police Check before commencing with the service.


Program Coordinators utilise a “Strength-Based” approach when supporting parents. This means, Program Coordinators will provide a wide range of information, tools and access to specialist services designed to encouraging confidence and the ability of parents to have their voice, hopes and concerns heard by Child Safety Services.

Program Coordinators help you identify and draw on your own strengths and skills to better communicate and work with Child Safety Services.

Program Coordinators are matched with parents to ensure the best possible outcomes for your family.

Program Coordinators offer a unique perspective and insight into the Child Safety processes having supported many families since the service commenced in 2013.

” If it wasn’t for You Guys (PFAS) we would still be in the same place we were 5 months ago!” – PFAS Client

” Thank you for everything you don’t understand how much you have helped me! I really would have given up if I didn’t have PFAS” – PFAS Client

The Parents and Families Advocacy Service has trained volunteers who are guided by the Fundamental Principles of the Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement.